LUCIAN WINTRICH: I Am Withdrawing My Name From UC Berkeley Free Speech Week Scheduling

Currently – I am engaged in a long-running investigative report that is certain to disrupt the MSM propaganda wing and Globalist agenda that has been rampant in Washington, I have a forthcoming book covering the culture wars in America and how the Right can win, along with prep-work for a series of impending campus speeches for a set of college tours. The deadlines and work that needs to be completed on these projects are my current priority.

While I was originally confirmed to speak at Free Speech Week, as it is a rare opportunity to attend an event featuring a combination of friends and great conservative minds, it has unfortunately become impractical.

Similarly – considering the uncertainty surrounding the event on both sides (on both sides), I have decided to withdraw my name from Berkeley Free Speech Week’s schedule on the seemingly likely chance that something impedes the event and it becomes lost work time on the projects I’m currently engaging in.

As far as the event is concerned, both I and the entire crew at the Gateway Pundit hope that the event goes off without a hitch and that an open and fruitful dialogue occurs regarding the event.


Thanks for sharing!