Berkeley Confirms ‘Free Speech Week’ is Cancelled Contrary to Other Reports

UC Berkeley has confirmed that “Free Speech Week” is no longer going to happen in any formal capacity whatsoever, this news comes as confirmation for the Gateway Pundit’s reporting on the story from two days ago.

The assistant vice chancellor of public affairs for Berkeley, Dan Mogulof, stated that representatives for the Berkeley Patriot confirmed that ALL of the previously scheduled events for “Free Speech Week” have been canceled.

Mogulof commented:

“It is extremely unfortunate that this announcement was made at the last minute, even as the University was in the process of spending significant sums of money and preparing for substantial disruption of campus life in order to provide the needed security for these events.”

This last minute change of plans was EXACTLY what the Gateway Pundit reported would occur and exactly what Lucian Wintrich explained via live stream just two days ago.

Mogulof also added:

“Claims that this is somehow the outcome desired by the campus are without basis in fact . . . The University was prepared to do whatever was necessary to support the First Amendment rights of the student organization.”

Milo Yiannopoulos held a “press conference” Saturday afternoon to discuss the change of plans, he corroborates what UC Berkeley says but claims he is going forward with an “unofficial” event instead of the originally planned event:

Yiannopoulos commented during the live stream:

“We’re holding an emergency press conference today for two reasons: the first is, I was somewhat unfortunately blindsided by an announcement from the Berkeley Patriot this morning, they have informed the administration that they are withdrawing their sponsorship from Berkeley Free Speech Week, that means, of course, that we are unable to host an official Berkeley speaking event. So, we’re going to host an unofficial one . . .”

The second reason that Milo is holding the emergency press conference revolves around the fact that the original locale for the press conference was changed because, according to Milo, they “broke their contract.”

Yiannopoulos claims foul-play relative to the circumstances related to the shutting down of the event, but it appears sloppy management and perhaps never wanted the event to go on at all are truly what’s at play here.


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