Michelle Fields Puts Kabosh on Rumor She Is One of Eric Bolling’s Unsolicited Sexting Accusers

Michelle Fields, most known for her feckless accusations of assault in March 2016 against then-Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, moved quickly today to put an end to rumors that she was one of the females at Fox News to whom Eric Bolling sent lewd text messages.

As reported here earlier:

Fox News anchor Eric Bolling is suspended and investigation is pending, following accusations that he sent lewd text messages to multiple coworkers at Fox News. …

… A ‘dozen sources’ allegedly told Huffington Post that Bolling sent photos of male genitalia in text message form to ‘at least two colleagues’.

Allegedly the women did not solicit the messages and then told colleagues they were ‘deeply upsetting and offensive’. One of the women who received Bolling’s texts claims she responded telling him to never send her those types of photos again – he did not respond.

The Twittersphere swiftly linked Fields, who, in 2014-2015, was a contributor to Fox News, including on Bolling’s show Cashin’ In, to the accusations.

Oh, what a lurid twist, it seemed …

Well, at least until:

Fields has been considerably less visible lately than she was in recent years. Her most recent media-related position was at the Huffington Post, but the most recent sign of any activity there by the allegedly “conservative” Fields, “Trump Reportedly Considering Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist For Deputy National Security Adviser,” was published in mid-November last year.

Fields married Jamie Weinstein, senior editor of The Daily Caller, in late June.


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