Los Angeles Dodgers Complete Most Dominant 50-Game Run Since Establishment of Income Tax, Federal Reserve

For the record, The Gateway Pundit is just not going to be anyone’s source for reliable professional sports coverage any time soon. Even with a void opening up due to the ongoing demise of leftist ESPN.

But every so often (and really not that often at all), we are obligated to publish an article about a sports story significant enough that it doesn’t even matter that it has no sort of political ramifications.

On that note, what the Los Angeles Dodgers have been doing for the last two months is basically insane.

After hitting five home runs en route to a 7-4 come-from-behind win over the New York Mets on Saturday, the Dodgers have improved to 43-7 in their last 50 games, the most successful 50-game stretch since a 43-7 run by the 1912 New York Giants, managed by John McGraw and led by pitcher Christy Mathewson.

As summed up by Major League Baseball’s website:

The Dodgers have won 12 of their last 13, 23 of 26 and 43 of 50, the best 50-game MLB stretch since the 1912 New York Giants. They have a [15-]game lead over Arizona in the National League West … They are 46 games above .500 for the first time since 1955. The Dodgers are 6-0 against the Mets this year and 8-0 dating to last year. Saturday’s win also marked Los Angeles’ 32nd come-from-behind victory of the season.

Additionally, despite having a game pretty much every day, the Dodgers have not lost a game against a team other than the Atlanta Braves since July 2, when they lost 5-3 to the San Diego Padres. (The Dodgers are actually 4-3 against the Braves during this period.)

Just to put things in perspective about how long it has been since another baseball team had a 43-7 run:

– It was the year before 1913, the landmark year for Progressivism’s emergence in the United States, i.e. the Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as President, the enactment of direct election of U.S. Senators via the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, the establishment of the federal income tax and the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Pictured: Federal Reserve Board, 1917

– Roberta McCain, mother of Senator John McCain and, at 105, likely the oldest living famous person, had not yet celebrated her first birthday.

Pictured: Roberta McCain, in cropped version of photo tweeted by Senator McCain in 2014 on the occasion of her 102nd birthday.

– Jackie Robinson, who would break baseball’s color barrier 35 years later with the then-Brooklyn Dodgers, was 6 1/2 years from being born, and the oldest of his four siblings, his brother Edgar, was still an infant.

Pictured: six-year-old Jackie Robinson (second from left) in 1925 with his mother Mallie Robinson and his four siblings.

Despite the Dodgers’ incredible recent run, it is probably more likely that not that another team will end up winning the World Series this fall. During baseball’s Wild Card Era (which began in 1994), in postseason matchups, the team with the better regular-season record has ended up winning series only about half the time. (The 2001 Seattle Mariners fininshed 116-46, tied with the 1906 Chicago Cubs, who were 116-36, for the most regular-season wins in baseball history … only to fall short of even making it to the World Series by losing the American League Championship Series to the New York Yankees.)

Incidentally, while the New York Giants ended up with a 103-48 regular-season record, the best in the National League, the Boston Red Sox in the American League actually ended up with a better regular season record (105-47) that year. The Red Sox defeated the Giants in the World Series, four games to three (with one tie).

If the Dodgers do in fact make it to the World Series this fall, it would be their first appearance in it since 1988, when they defeated the Oakland A’s. They have made the postseason but fallen short of making the World Series nine times since then.


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