In Last 24 Hours, Migrants Fare Much Better Invading Spain than Muslim Yemen – Where They Were Tossed into Sea

Beachgoers enjoying the sun in Cadiz in southern Spain had an unusual surprise when a black inflatable dinghy carrying dozens of Africans landed basically right in front of them after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

No Navy or authorities of any kind were on the scene, and the Africans basically entered Spain unimpeded, quickly to essentially disappear.

The U.K.’s Sun reports:

A BOATLOAD of African immigrants stunned holidaymakers when they landed on a packed Spanish beach in the middle of the day and ran past the crowds.

An estimated 30 men, believed to be mostly sub-Saharan Africans, were filmed sprinting away from the inflatable Zodiac dinghy after crossing from Morocco to Europe. …

… The group landed on Germans Beach near Tarifa in southern Spain at around 2pm yesterday afternoon as tourists enjoyed one of the hottest days of the year so far.

Even though the footage suggests most of the men were from sub-Saharan Africa, local reports said they were Moroccan.

The relevant post on /pol/ News Forever’s Twitter page pointed out that “[t]he Spanish Navy is failing to protect its citizens.”


The Sun additionally mentioned that:

While most of the group dodged tourists in a bid to make it on to the mainland, a couple of the men stayed behind with the boat in order to pull it to shore.

The whereabouts of the men is currently unknown.

Police union chiefs claimed Civil Guard had been powerless to stop the beach drop because a lack of resources meant only one officer had been in the area at the time.

Not that this should be particularly surprising, but it certainly appears that, if one happens to be a black African, it is a much better idea to attempt to migrate to a liberal white western European country than a traditionally Muslim Arab country in the middle of a bloody civil war.

According to a Daily Mail article (“At least 56 dead as smugglers throw 300 African migrants into [Arabian Sea off Yemen]”), at least 56 people have drowned over the past 24 hours, and dozens remain missing, after human traffickers threw 300 African migrants off two Yemen-bound boats and into the sea.

Survivors — all Ethiopian and Somali migrants — managed to make their way to Shabwa, a southern province along Yemen’s Arabian Sea coastline, the International Organization for Migration said.

The war in Yemen has left over 8,300 people dead and displaced millions since 2015, but the impoverished country continues to draw migrants from the Horn of Africa seeking work in prosperous Gulf countries further north.

At least six people drowned on Thursday after human smugglers forced 180 Ethiopians off their boat and into the choppy waters of the Arabian Sea, an IOM spokesperson told AFP.

Thirteen people remained unaccounted for, the spokesperson said. The majority of the migrants appeared to be teenagers and young adults.

On Wednesday, traffickers also forced more than 120 Somali and Ethiopian migrants into the rough seas off Yemen to avoid arrest by local authorities, leaving at least 50 dead and 22 missing, IOM reported.

As of early this afternoon, Black Lives Matter, on the Twitter page for its national organization, still had not commented about the loss of the at least 56 lives, presumably all black lives. The organization earlier today on Twitter did, however, remind people to sign up for updates so they could be ” first to know when [their] resistance gear is avail[able.]


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