EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk Offer Trump-Basher Megyn Kelly Suggestion for Next Career Move

Outspokenly pro-Trump, North Carolina-based sisters “Diamond” (aka Lynnette Hardaway) and “Silk” (aka Rochelle Richardson) were asked Wednesday about the disastrous start to Megyn Kelly’s new career at NBC.

As reported Tuesday in the Washington Free Beacon, Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine on NBC is ending after running for only eight episodes, which included overall ham-handed handling of interviews with Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones. However, the show (supposedly) will return in the spring of 2018.

Asked Wednesday on this writer’s podcast Backlash on Shark Nation Radio about their reaction to Megyn Kelly’s dismal ratings at NBC, “Diamond” responded: “I don’t want to say anything horrible horrible, but the deal is … her ratings were tanking on Fox, so I don’t know why she thought she would go into the Mainstream Media and they would give her the time of day.”

“Diamond” continued: “We told her what she needs to be reporting for: Sesame Street.” (“Silk” at that point added: “Right!”)

This writer, conducting that interview, took slight exception to the suggestion of “Diamond”, rejoinding: “Well I don’t know that she can meet the standard. Kermit the Frog was a pretty good reporter on Sesame Street News. I don’t even know if she’s up to that level.”

“Diamond” did eventually offer: “Well, we wish her the best of luck.”

The relevant clip regarding Kelly be found here, starting at 0:39:

Elsewhere in the interview (at approximately the 7:08 point), “Diamond” cautioned Trump detractors: “I’m a very nice person, but … don’t talk about the President. Don’t say anything negative about him to me. I plan to hurt your feelings. … Look, we have to have respect for the President. If you don’t like his policies, that’s your problem. But don’t disrespect him.”

Later, when analyzing the media’s blatant ignoring of the unfolding Debbie Wasserman Schultz/ Awan Brothers/ Seth Rich scandal, “Silk” offered some analysis of the Democrat Party (at approximately the 10:50 point of the interview): “We know that the Democrats are nothing but rats. That’s basically all they are, and they’ve done a lot of detrimental things to this country, and with a Democrat President being in office for over eight years, there has been absolutely nothing to benefit the American people in this country.”

Asked about the Republican-controlled Senate green-lighting of Robert Mueller’s wide-net committee-of-left-wing-attorneys investigation of President Trump, his family and his businesses, “Diamond” responded (at approximately the 13:20 point of the interview): “Mueller should have been fired, because Mueller is Comey’s homie. They are buddies, OK? Look at the biases right there. … And bringing in Clinton donors, left-wing people, you know that they’re not gonna treat the President fair! They’re about to railroad the President.”

The sisters were on Hannity last night offering a “Final Word,” as they have been doing frequently lately.

Among other comments, “Diamond” said the following about President Trump’s detractors: “So Sean, the more they hate, the more our President will educate, so that we can all elevate, and all of us can make this country great … again.”


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