Black Lives Matter Wastes No Time Trying to Exploit Charlottesville Violence for Fundraising

George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter is attempting today to try to exploit the tragic death of (white) Heather Heyer, during Antifa/white nationalist violence yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia, to raise money for vague purposes.

Tossing aside any sense of propriety, Black Lives Matter continues to leave pinned, at the top of its national Twitter page, an urgent beseechment to donate “NOW” to an entity called “Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund” (alternatively, “Solidarity Cville Anti-Racist Legal Fund”/”#Defend CVille”) via Fundly. (It of course would have taken only a few seconds to unpin the tweet upon the news of Heyer’s passing.)

The link to the “legal fund” offers no 501(c)(3) information and does not mention the names of the individuals involved in the alleged charity. The “Paid for and authorized by” line is left blank. What the page does actually say includes the following:

The Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund is an independent community resource that is available to all anti-racist activists in the ongoing struggle to confront and end white supremacy in Charlottesville. In order to ensure that funds are available equitably, participants agree to the following principles, which have been adapted from the vision and language of other movement work and community legal fund programs in Charlotte, Durham, Baton Rouge, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and elsewhere.

Tellingly, the “legal fund” also, in its very first bullet point under “Fund Principles,” quotes convicted murderer-of-a-police-officer Assata Shakur (““It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”).

According to the Daily Wire:

In March of 1977, former Black Panther Party member and then-Black Liberation Army (BLA) Leader Shakur was convicted “of eight counts of murder, robbery and assault in a 1973 shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike that left one state trooper dead and another wounded,” reported The New York Daily News the day following Shakur’s conviction. The terrorist notably called the jurors “racist and misled” after her fate was announced.

BLA was a terrorist organization. As noted by The Washington Post, “the BLA was responsible for four bombings, four hijackings and 32 violent armed confrontations in the United States” from 1970 to 1984. “Sixteen of those involved confrontations with law enforcement officers who were killed.”

The convicted cop-killer escaped from prison in 1979, just two years into her life sentence, and fled to Cuba where she has remained. Shakur, with a massive $2 million reward on her head, remains on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List to this day.

There has in fact been pushback on Twitter to Black Lives Matters’s continuing financial exploitation of the tragedy:





As reported here in The Gateway Pundit, Black Lives Matter recently pushed a “$40k, in 4 days” fundraiser into a fourth week. (Information about that fundraiser was  finally recently unpinned from the top of the Twitter page for the Black Lives Matter national organization.)



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