Poll Boost for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

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Viktor Orbán’s government retains its strong lead over opposition parties ahead of next year’s Hungarian elections, a newly released poll shows.

The Tárki Research Institute survey puts support for Orbán‘s Fidesz – Christian Democrat coalition at 35 percent overall, and 55% among decided voters. This represents an increase of 2, and 4% respectively since the last poll taken in April.

Orbán’s largest opposition party, Jobbik, formerly ‘’ultra-nationalist’’ but having moved towards the center, now stands at 11% (17% amongst decided voters).

Newly formed liberal party, ‘’Momentum’’, which models itself on the political movement of French President Emmanuel Macron, polls at 2% (3% amongst decided voters), competing with numerous left-wing parties on similar scores.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) – one of several opposition parties which claim they will dismantle Hungary’s border fence – dropped three to four percentage points to 7% overall (11% among decided voters).

Orbán’s government defied Brussels earlier this year by completing a second hi-tech border fence to stop migrants entering Hungary via the Balkans, an effective measure which has dramatically reduced illegal immigration into the Central European country.

The election, set for April 2018, will be closely watched by the European Union; In addition to fortifying its southern border, Hungary has earned criticism and legal sanction from Brussels for refusing to partake in a migrant quota scheme.

Orbán has warned that he will face opposition in next spring’s election from the EU and what he calls the ‘Soros mafia network’, both keen to replace a government which has been a bulwark to their vision of a borderless Europe.

In recent months, the Hungarian leader has been engaged in a war of words with George Soros, having enacted legislation to limit the influence of his Open Society Foundation, and plastering the country in posters urging Hungarians not to let the pro-open borders billionaire ‘’have the last laugh’’.


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Photos: Budapest Business Journal, Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty Images, AFP


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