REPORT: Special Counsel Mueller Worked for Law Firm That Represented DNC Fundraising Group Led by Eric Schmidt

GotNews broke a story today involving Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his ties to a particularly dangerous DNC megadonor.

Billionaire chair of Google parent company Alphabet, Inc., Eric Schmidt, led a fundraising effort in December for a left-wing analytics firm called “Civis Anaylitics”, which was represented by WilmerHale, the law firm Mueller was working for prior to quitting to investigate the “Russia probe”.

Back in March of 2014, WilmerHale added Mueller as a partner. GotNews reports that WilmerHale represented Civis Analytics “during a $22 million fundraising drive Schmidt in part led . . . Mueller was still a WilmerHale partner at the time.”

GotNews reports:

Rather than donating to campaigns themselves, Schmidt invests in start-ups meant to boost Democrats’ voter turnout and collect more and more data on voters. Civis Analytics, which NBC called one the “the best-funded civic startups,” got off the ground thanks to Schmidt and has close ties with the Democratic Party.

To learn more about Civis Analytics, visit their website here, or read the rest of the GotNews report here.

GotNews continues:

Emails released by WikiLeaks reveal Schmidt met with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and wanted to be a “head outside advisor.”

“I met with Eric Schmidt tonight,” Podesta wrote to Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in April 2014. “[H]e’s ready to fund, advise recruit talent, etc.”

All of this raises more questions about Silicon Valley, its ties to the Deep State, and Mueller’s ties with a billionaire Democrat megadonor. Mueller, of course, also staffed his


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