Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Talks University Censorship with Buck Sexton on ‘America Now’ [AUDIO]

The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich appeared on the nationally syndicated radio talkshow “Buck Sexton with America Now” to discuss the recent barriers put up by UMass Boston regarding his now-postponed speech.

The speech was to be held on Friday, November 17, on the campus of UMass Boston, but after a request by the school to change his poster and then a last minute security concern, the speech was postponed until February.

Wintrich commented to Sexton:

“The speech that I was set to give, it really did just examine the current cultural climate that we’re dealing with right now, where the left is so reactionary, where the left is so quick to not only disparage people but call innocuous slogans like [‘It Is OK to Be White’] racist. Low and behold, of course, the university, at the very last minute, they’re claiming that there’s security concerns. It’s an insecure environment.”

Sexton likened the title of Wintrich’s speech (‘It’s OK to Be White’) to the ‘All Lives Matter’ slogan:

“This kind’ve reminds me of the ‘All Lives Matter’ situation where it’s hard to think of a more innocuous phrase . . . or a phrase that should have a more universal buy-in than ‘All Lives Matter’, but they say it’s like showing up at a funeral and saying, ‘What about my uncle who died last week?’ They’re saying that it diverts attention, and whether you believe that or not, I can’t even think of what the objection is to ‘It’s OK to Be White’.”

Wintrich commented:

“I don’t think it aligns with their games of intersectionality and multiculturalist policies. Right now, according to the University of Masschusetts Boston it is not okay to be white, but I guess it’s okay in three months from now when they prepare for it.”

It appears that college campuses are sticking to their hyper-liberal guns and are actively attempting to keep conservatives from speaking to their students. Where Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley speech seemed like a coup, it really wasn’t because the campus had the eyes of the world upon it and the stake was free speech itself, but when not under the scrutiny of every major publication in the country, universities persist with their targeted bullying campaigns and their pernicious game of censor the conservative.

Listen to the full discussion below:


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