Internet Hoax Brings Texans Out to Defend Their History

Houston – Hundreds of Texans gathered in Herman Park to defend a statue of Sam Houston, former president of Texas, from far left Antifa bullies.

Those in defense of the statue are responding to Antifa’s threat to remove it, similar to recent historic monument removals in the name of “social justice”.  

The rally was dubbed #StandWithSam, and drew a large turnout to Herman Park in Houston. Several of the statue’s supporters were said to be armed and ready to defend their heritage from the efforts of Antifa to destroy it.


Here is more on the history of the statue, via Breitbart:

Houston led the Texas revolutionary army against Mexico and served as president of the Republic of Texas, governor of the states of Texas and Tennessee, a member of Congress from both states, and a U.S. Senator from Texas. He served as governor of Texas when the State adopted resolutions of secession. The legislature removed him from office when he refused to accept the resolution.”

A Facebook invitation from “This is Texas” read: “Antifa has come out saying they will be bringing several large (communist) groups together to host a rally around the Museum District in Houston, Texas on June 10, 2017. This list includes Black Panther Party, Antifa & more. Their goal is to remove the Sam Houston statue.”

After all the commotion, the Antifa threats turned out to be a hoax and no Antifa personnel showed at the event. Breitbart:

Houston BLM activists denied having anything to do with the Texas Antifa page, the local NBC affiliate reported.

It turns out the Texas Antifa post was a hoax. The group’s Facebook page now now claims to be part of the group Anonymous. The group now claims:

The reason there were no Antifa at this event (yes we know about the 30 that were surrounded by mounted police and removed. They were not ours, due to the fact that this was Stroll campaign and we have no Antifa members). Even though it was a fake Antifa, we together accomplished several thing- Stiring up Texans, impassioning patriots, disturbing left-wing activist groups, and making Americans think long and hard about the important relevance of the historic monuments in their midst, and letting the world know that Austin has failed to protect Texas History by not renewing the law that does the protecting.


In this odd twist, the group claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ successfully trolled both left-wing nuts, and right-wing patriots while also bringing awareness to the importance of preserving historical monuments and remembering history as it was. Hopefully more is to come from these kinds of groups, and groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter can continue to be mocked and ridiculed, while bringing conservatives together under a common banner.


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