PRECEDENT: Woman Who Text Messaged Boyfriend to Kill Himself Is Convicted

Michelle Carter, a twenty-year-old woman, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter Friday for demanding her boyfriend to act on his fantasy of suicide while simultaneously “failing to save him from harm”.

Conrad Roy, the now-deceased boyfriend of Michelle Carter, was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in his truck back in 2014.

The trial asserts that Carter and Roy traded over hundreds of texts wherein Carter encouraged him to “follow through on his plan to kill himself, conceal it from his parents, lie to his mother and select a secluded parking lot.

The judge, Lawrence Moniz, says that Carter’s telling Roy to get back into the truck after stepping out of the vehicle and his calling her, coupled with her inaction in alerting anyone was paramount to the conviction.

The Daily Mail reports:

Failure to take reasonable steps to alleviate the risk to another “can result in a charge of manslaughter,” he noted in his decision.

“This court, having reviewed the evidence and applied the law thereto, now finds you guilty on the indictment charging you with the involuntary manslaughter of the person Conrad Roy,” Moniz told the packed court room.

Carter, who waived her right to a jury trial, faces up to 20 years in prison. She will remain on bail until sentencing on August 3 in Taunton, south of Boston.

In the closely-watched case, legal experts had questioned whether Carter’s actions were enough to secure a conviction under involuntary manslaughter.


Considering all of the angles, this is quite possibly one of the most interesting cases in modern judicial history. All eyes should be on this case, instead the primary focus these days is on a bogus “Russia probe” and a frantic witch hunt to indict a sitting U.S. President.

The outcome of this case is a bit concerning for a number of reasons, namely that all of Roy’s shortcomings are displaced onto Carter, but this type of behavior is not uncharacteristic of the modern masochistic and self-indulgent youth. Grim portraits of dark fantasies are a norm after years of glamorizing figures like Kurt Cobain (despite the dubious nature of his demise), the modern youth lavish admiration for members of the “27 club” and white lighters, aesthetics that go hand-in-hand with death.

Mental-health issues are now trending among the youth. Everybody is a victim of depression and anxiety and trade in their sanity for prescription medication with parents rolling over to the demands of their child, the quest for highs and the adoration of vile, low-life media figures drives the modern youth’s quest for acceptance. At this point, being abnormal in a generalized sense is more encouraged than being normal.

“He threw out a theory of involuntary intoxication raised by psychiatrist Peter Breggin, a defense witness who testified that Carter’s own medication would have interfered and distorted her state of mind.”

We are creating the problems by overmedicating our children.

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