CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls For ‘Collective Action’ Against Press Office After Badgering Sean Spicer (VIDEO)

Very Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta threw another tantrum after being told that no cameras were allowed in Monday’s White House press briefing. Acosta even broke the rules and took a picture of Sean Spicer anyway.

Jim Acosta badgered White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and interrupted other reporters on Monday after he was told no cameras were allowed for the daily briefing.

The Daily Caller reported:


Acosta has been complaining about the White House’s increased use of off-camera briefings, and instead of waiting to be called on like other reporters Monday, he decided to shout out his questions. The Daily Caller counted a total of five interruptions during the briefing.

Spicer called on a reporter who had raised her hand and Acosta interjected himself and asked if President Trump believes the health care bill in the Senate is “mean.” Spicer replied, “There’s no camera on Jim.” Acosta then repeatedly asked, “Why don’t you turn the cameras on?” Spicer then apologized to the reporter Acosta was interrupting.

After the press briefing, Jim Acosta called for ‘collective action’ against the press office.

Acosta: “I do think at some point some collective action will need to be taken and I do think we are going to have to ask this hard question inside the White House Correspondent’s association whether we are going to allow this to become the new normal?…”

Three CNN employees ‘resigned’ yesterday following a retraction of a fake news Russia story.

Calls for CNN’s White House press credentials are growing after an undercover video of CNN producer, John Bonifield was released admitting that the Russia story is B.S. and they only push the narrative for ratings.

VIDEO Via Washington Examiner:

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