UPDATE: ADL Declares the ‘OK’ Gesture ‘Not a Hate Symbol’ Following Hit Piece From The Independent

In a new update, ADL declares that the ‘OK’ hand gesture is not a hate symbol following The Independent hit piece on journalist, Cassandra Fairbanks.

The Independent claimed that ADL characterizes the ‘ok’ symbol as a ‘racist hand sign’ which is completely untrue.

The left and MSM were duped into believing the false narrative that the ‘OK’ hand gesture was a symbol of white supremacy. It now looks as though The Independent may be in a little hot water after falsely stating that the ADL characterizes it as a ‘racist hate symbol’.

The meme originated on 4Chan as a way to troll the MSM and it quickly turned into a catastrophe for them.

The following is an excerpt from the ADL’s post:


Cassandra Fairbanks posted The Independent’s response to her Twitter account:


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