Trump Made Ivanka an Assistant, JFK Made His Brother Bobby Attorney General

The Democrats were up in arms earlier this week after Ivanka Trump announced that she will become an official White House employee. She accepted an unpaid position as an assistant to her father which prompted the Democrats to call for an ethics probe.

Let’s go down memory lane for a moment. Democrat President, John F. Kennedy appointed his own brother, Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy to be Attorney General. There was a little controversy about Bobby Kennedy’s lack of experience but there wasn’t a mob of shrill social justice warriors screeching about nepotism. After all, JFK was the perfect president. Camelot anyone?

President Trump is an outsider in D.C. therefore is choosing to surround himself with people he is close to and trusts. Ivanka Trump is a very competent woman who is serving as an assistant to her father, not Attorney General. An Attorney General has a tremendous amount of power compared to an assistant.

In reality it doesn’t matter who President Trump chooses for his administration because every single appointment has been fiercely fought. The entire Trump administration is under attack by Democrats who simply cannot accept that they are no longer in power. It is time for the Democrats to take a seat while the adults get to work.


H/T Washington Examiner


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