REPORT: POTUS Trump Wins MAJOR Trade Concessions from China (VIDEO)

Following Trump’s meeting with Xi, the U.S. has won some BIG new trade concessions from the Chinese.

Following meetings with Chinese President Xi, we have learned that President Trump has won major trade concessions from China. The concessions include dropping the ban on American beef that had been in place since 2003.

The Obama administration failed miserably at trade and foreign relations on the whole (*cough* *cough* Hillary . . .) and with the new administration’s ‘America first’ approach to trade and economics thus far, President Xi of China has taken a big step toward solidifying a fruitful relationship with the U.S.

The other major trade concession has to do with allowing foreign entities (U.S. citizens) to hold majority stakes in Chinese investment and securities companies, the Financial Times reports.

So far, in regards to China, POTUS Trump has done a great job of reaching a level of understanding and friendship that will be useful for the state of global relations.


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