David Horowitz: ‘Sanctuary’ Secessionists Must Be Prosecuted!

The David Horowitz Freedom Center calls on Trump to prosecute secessionists. 

Guest Post by Carter

Collegiate campuses have long been the home to hardcore leftist ideas and Cultural Marxist powwows, but in the world that is 2017 America, these leftists have moved past ideologues and are now bordering on becoming total secessionists for their promotion of “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants – criminals.


The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s latest initiative calls for President Trump to defend any public university that has decided to call itself a “sanctuary” and to, in turn, prosecute officials both at the university and at the state level who choose to promote this activity.  

“There are now 500 sanctuary cities in the United States,” Horowitz described in a post to his website FrontPage Magazine, “virtually all Democratic, which are pledged not to cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security in its efforts to secure our borders.” What this means is we have states complicit in not helping us identify and prosecute terrorists, we have states intending on not deporting illegal, criminal aliens. It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that California is leading the way. California, and other states participating in this “sanctuary” nonsense are aiding in the development of the cold civil war that is currently dividing the American people.

Janet Napolitano, the President of the University of California system, is one of Horowitz’s primary targets and the reason he started the “No Sanctuary Campuses” campaign. Her malevolent and seditious behavior should come as no surprise considering her history as Secretary of Homeland Security under Barrack Obama – another individual leading the seditious charge against President Trump.

Horowitz has been a staunch critic of the academic left and of university officials and professors since his breakaway from the left over forty years ago. His career has been dedicated to combatting the immoral behavior of the liberal elite on college campuses and also on informing individuals about terrorism and radical Islam. A Fox News report described the group’s mission as attempting to defend: “free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.”

Horowitz, in his post on FrontPage Magazine, stated: “Sanctuary campuses are not only part of a radical attack on America’s social, political, and education establishment but a dagger aimed at the rule of law and the nation’s safety.”

As a patriot, Horowitz hopes to fight this “sanctuary” phase till its death. It is in the best interest of Americans and the legal migrants we endorse to fight these institutions and encourage a shift away from this illiberalism. 

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