Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit’s Founder and EIC, announces that The Gateway Pundit, among other publications, will be hosting a competing correspondents’ dinner in Washington, DC.

The Real News Correspondents’ Dinner is the outcome of multiple discussions among major American media outlets about the fallen state of journalism over the years. This comes after the combination of blatant false reporting and bias that has plagued MSM – and the majority of the Correspondent’s Association – since the elections, Jim Hoft will team up with other media entities and personalities to throw what is to be the best event in Washington D.C. on Saturday, April 29th. 5Etfw

President Trump himself has made national news when he declared that he will be the first President in 30 years to skip the annual gala. Via New York Post:


President Trump won’t attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner because he wasn’t elected to “pretend” to like reporters, a Trump aide said Sunday.
[Trump aid Sarah Huckabee] Sanders compared Trump’s open hostility with the press to getting egged.
“One of the things we say in the South [is] if a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her? I think that this is a pretty similar scenario.”

With the MSM working as the opposition to not only the Trump Administration but American as a whole, it makes little sense for Trump or journalists to attend a dinner overflowing with anti-Conservative propagandists. When asked for comment, Jim Hoft said:

We look forward to launching the first Correspondents Dinner for REAL NEWS in Washington, D.C. It will be filled with many true journalists and truth seekers, in addition to great speeches about the future of America journalism. For too long the liberal media has been pushing insane conspiracies and cultural marxism, we’ve had it and the American people have had it. It peaked for me reading day after day about this insane Russian conspiracy they keep trying to push despite PROVIDING NO EVIDENCE. They’ve had their fun at the expense of the American public until recently, we’re going to celebrate that the American people have waken up.

The Real News Correspondents’ Dinner takes place at a time when public trust in the MSM is at a historic low according to the most recent Gallup Poll.

Specific details are forthcoming for the event, but major names and speakers have already signed on to talk at the competing dinner. Proceeds from the Real News Correspondents’ Association dinner go toward grants and awards that recognize aspiring and accomplished independent journalist across America.

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