President Donald Trump’s Address to Congress – Live Blog – Excerpts From Speech

Live Video

President Donald Trump will deliver his first speech tonight to a joint session of Congress.

The minority party Democrats are planning several stunts during the president’s speech. Democrat lawmakers are bringing illegal aliens to the speech. Female Democrats announced they will dress in white because of women’s rights, or something.

The show starts at 9 PM Eastern.

President Trump just left the White House.

Consider this a live thread for the speech.

Politico posted excerpts from President Trump’s speech tonight.

Melania Trump just came in — looking stunning.

Each American generation passes the torch of truth, liberty and justice – in an unbroken chain all the way down to the present.

And we’ve spent trillions of dollars overseas, while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled.

We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a 5-year ban on lobbying by Executive Branch Officials – and a lifetime ban on becoming lobbyists for a foreign government.

By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone.

As promised, I directed the Department of Defense to develop a plan to demolish and destroy ISIS – a network of lawless savages that have slaughtered Muslims and Christians, and men, women, and children of all faiths and beliefs.


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