#NeverTrumpers Boot Gateway Pundit from Pro-Trump Rally… Because I’m Too Pro-Trump

Never Trust a #NeverTrumper

On Thursday I was asked to speak at a Pro-Trump rally on March 4, 2017 at the Robert A. Young Federal Building in downtown St. Louis.
The rallies are being organized by “supposed” grassroots leaders in at least 60 cities across the US.
Breitbart News was first to report on the rallies.

The Gateway Pundit was an early supporter of Donald Trump. We took a lot of heat for it from GOP elites and Cruz supporters during the last election.

The Gateway Pundit broke several national news stories during the election that, unlike the national media, favored Donald Trump.


Here are a few of the Gateway Pundit articles that were headlines on the esteemed Drudge Report this past year.

Since the election the liberal mainstream media has been at open war against The Gateway Pundit.
We were too effective in reporting the truth the liberal media ignored.

Last week when Gateway Pundit Washington DC correspondent Lucian Wintrich and I dared to attend a White House press briefing. It made headlines in hundreds of liberal media publications. If you google “gateway pundit white house press room” there are over 100,000 articles listed.

The far left media ridiculed our presence in their sacred chamber.

Unfortunately, liberals are not the only ones who hold a grudge.
The GOP elites and #NeverTrumpers were also defeated in the November election.

On Friday I received a text from the organizers of the local March 4 rally in St. Louis that I had been dis-invited to the event.
They dropped me from the line-up.

Local organizer Jen Ennenbach is a close friend with national #NeverTrump leader Dana Loesch.

Jen told the co-organizers to boot me from the speaking line-up. So on Friday the local activists wrote a text to tell me I could no longer speak at their rally. I guess I am too pro-Trump?

I reached out to some top St. Louis activists and friends to tell them this shocking news. They were as shocked as I was. Last night the rally organizers had a “sudden” change of heart and wrote me a text saying this:

Jim, I would love to have you speak at the rally on 3/4. I know that there has been some turmoil in the past few months, and because you and I are not really close, I intentionally did not play the roll of the peacemaker. I thought the entire point of even having a rally was bringing the fractured party back together.
Honestly, I think there were too many cooks in the kitchen scrambling to find speakers. I myself am guilty of that in reaching out to —- and —-.
Would you be willing to consider joining us?

Here’s my response:

No thanks.

Trump bashers who fought so desperately to stop Donald Trump from becoming president — even after he won the nomination — are now trying to hijack the Trump movement.  Their first goal is to discredit and eliminate the devoted and successful Trump supporters.  In the past I always took a backseat and kept my mouth shut to promote the conservative cause. Today I speak out to warn Trump supporters — the battle is still on.

The Never-Trumpers and leftists shared an agenda to take down Trump.  I believe many of the Never Trumpers still hold on to that agenda and to bring down the people and voices who supported Donald Trump.

I won’t be their next victim.
That’s why I went public today.
They don’t care about the country, the party, their peers or Donald Trump.
They only care about their own selfish career and ideological purity.
No thanks. Count me out.

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