Wow! Liberal CA State Assemblyman Pushes Bill To Teach Students How To Spot ‘Fake News’ (Video)

California state assemblyman brings bill to teach students how to spot fake news!

This is sure to be unbiased!!

Tucker Carlson invited California State Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday.

Carlson attempted to get Jimmy Gomez to explain how they will teach students what is real and what is fake news with his bill, AB155, the fake news act of 2017.

Certainly there will be no biased opinions here right?  It’s pretty clear what these liberal professors will tell students is fake news and what is real.  This is crazy!


Gomez continually dodged the question as to what is fake news:

Carlson— “How do you tell a story that is fake from one that is real, and what does it mean to be fake?”

Gomez — “One of the things that I grew up learning is how do you use footnotes and citations in order to verify the facts I was reading. One of the things we know is online sources can’t really do that. It’s very difficult. So one of things it will do is give them the skills on how to research who owns a particular domain name.”

Tucker Carlson then points out at the end of the interview that California math scores are ridiculously low and this is something that should be addressed, as opposed to fake news.

Gomez gets a bit uncomfortable trying to justify his far left position.

Here’s the video.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:


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