UPDATE: Man Who Shot Police Officer And Smashed His Face Into Concrete Was Illegal Alien

Good Samaritan Says God Put Him There To Help Save Trooper

Last week the Gateway Pundit reported on a shooting that took place in Arizona where a Police Officer was shot and beaten by an assailant.

A good Samaritan was able to come to the rescue of the Police Officer who had been shot and was in a life and death struggle with the attacker and used his 9mm to kill the attacker.

In a new development to this story, the attacker, 37-year-old Leonard Escobar, was inside the United States illegally.

From WND:

A man who shot an Arizona state trooper and smashed the officer’s head into the pavement last week – until a God-fearing, gun-toting stranger came to the trooper’s rescue and shot the attacker dead – was a drug-abusing illegal alien and former member of the Mexican federal police, according to authorities.

The good Samaritan who stopped and saved the Police Officer’s life says that God put him there to come to the rescue of the Police Officer.

From WND:

The Good Samaritan, who has not spoken publicly about the shooting, was described as a “humble” and “spiritual” man who believes God sent him to the scene to save the trooper’s life.

“He knows he did the right thing,” Milstead said. “He is trying to reconcile that in his mind, which is difficult to take a life even when you know it’s the right thing to do.”

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