Good Samaritan Sees Shot Policeman On Road, Kills The Gunman Who Shot Him!

Good Triumphs Over Evil!

In a heart warming story, a good Samaritan was able to come to the rescue of a Police Officer who had been shot and was in a life and death struggle with the attacker.

From The Arizona Republic:

A man traveling to California came to the rescue of a wounded state trooper who was struggling with the gunman who had shot him on an isolated stretch of Interstate 10, authorities said.

The man, who was with his wife, stopped his car when he came upon a rollover accident and saw the struggle, according to Col. Frank Milstead, Arizona Department of Public Safety director…

…The trooper was settling down flares in the pitch dark when a gunman “ambushed” the trooper at the scene, shooting him. The wound affected the trooper’s gun hand, but the trooper continued to physically fight the man, Cecil said.

Milstead said the civilian saw a man on top of the trooper, pounding his head in the pavement, and asked if the trooper needed help.

The civilian, who also was not identified, shot the man and then used the trooper’s radio to call for help, Milstead said.


FLASHBACK: Good Samaritan Kills Man Attacking Police Officer In Arizona

Back in November a similar situation happened when a man was attacking a Police Officer in Florida and a good Samaritan came to the Police Officer’s rescue and shot and killed the attacker.


From News-Press:

Strother [the attacker] was speeding and nearly hit Bardes [the Police Officer] who believed it was intentional and began chasing Strother. At the Corkscrew exit, Strother exited his car and approached Bardes as he exited his patrol car. Strother slammed Bardes to the ground and began to pummel him, witnesses said.

A member of the public, who the sheriff’s office is calling a “good Samaritan”, shot and killed Strother. The bystander’s name has not been released because the investigation remains open, said Lee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Anita Iriarte.

Gun Store Gives Good Samaritan A New Gun For Saving Police Officer

From Blue Lives Matter:

By law, the bystander’s weapon had to be taken as evidence during the investigation of the shooting.

One gun store wasn’t about to let this police officer-saving hero walk around unarmed though.

Mark Williams, the manager at Shoot Straight Gun Store, gave the sheriff’s department a call and set up a visit for the bystander to come by and pick out a new gun free of charge. Shoot Straight gun store ended up giving the hero a Springfield XDS.



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