EXPOSED: Faithless Elector Chris Suprun Paid for Ashley Madison While Bankrupt & Married With 3 Kids


Chris Suprun is one of 38 Texas electors. He recently went public with his decision to go against the will of the people of Texas; he will not be honoring his pledge to vote for President Elect, Donald Trump.

Chris Suprun has taken quite a beating on social media by Americans who are outraged at his decision to go rogue. There was even a petition started to have him removed and replaced.

Eyebrows were raised and suspicions grew over what Mr. Suprun’s intentions really are after he penned an op-ed in the New York Times over his decision to be a ‘faithless elector’. Shockingly, his Twitter bio directs media inquiries to P.R. firm, Megaphone Strategies. This P.R. firm represents radical left wing organizations like Black Lives Matter and even reps CNN’s ultra left wing radical, Van Jones.

Leave it to the great sleuthing via Got News to peel back the layers of the onion to fully expose Chris Suprun.

Got News’ research has revealed that Chris Suprun filed Bankruptcy and 6 months later joined Ashley Madison, which is a ‘dating site’ for married people looking to have an affair. Mr. Suprun had 3 children under the age of 10 at the time! It is also alleged that he was unemployed during this time while his wife worked full time!

Is this the type of person who should be allowed to be an elector? If he can’t even be faithful to his wife and family, how do we expect him to be faithful and uphold his pledge as an elector?

A man who is as compromised as Chris Suprun is ripe for blackmail or bribery and must be removed and replaced immediately.

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