Update: Trump Attacker Is Hillary Supporter, Mentioned in Wikileaks, Hit Previous Rally

Guest Post by Joe Hoft


Donald Trump was rushed off stage Saturday night at a rally in Reno, Nevada.

The crowd was screaming “Gun! Gun!”


The man was identified as Austin Crites (Daily Mail) and is identified a Hillary supporter.


Austyn Crites’ photo on Facebook is new as well as his account because he is wearing the same clothes he wore to the rally in his Facebook photos.

And Crites also interrupted a Trump rally in Florida earlier this year.

Reports are also coming out that Crites was ‘birddogging’ (paid Democrat operative with the intent to cause violence or emotional disruption) carrying a ‘Republicans for Hillary’ poster.

Additional information (hat tip https://twitter.com/_RealValentina_) on reddit shows that the Reno attempted assassin is mentioned in WikiLeaks in emails from the global intelligence company named ‘Stratfor’.

Based on this evidence on Austyn Crites:

** Crites very possibly harassed Trump at a prior rally
** His Facebook page was recently set up
** Crites carried a sign denigrating Trump
** Crites incited violence and emotional abuse
** Crites is mentioned in Wikileaks
** Crites is a Hillary supporter

Austyn Crites is likely a filthy ‘birddogger’ for Hillary.

Trump nailed it before the incident when he said the person was a Hillary supporter and was getting paid. 
He even asked ‘what are they paying you? $1,500?’

Hillary and her goons are so predictable.

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