HERE’S PROOF=> That Soros Money is FUNDING the Anti-Trump Leftist Protest-Riots


Washington CAN! is a far left group leading the protests against Donald Trump in Seattle.

The far left group is paying protesters to attend their rally.
Here is one of their ads on Craigslist.

And here is one of their tweets promoting mob action at Seattle City Hall.


CAN! is funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation:

From a 2010 press release:

Open Society Institute Announces Small Donor Development and Diversification Grant Recipients


Now this…
Washington CAN! is behind the ad hiring protesters for the anti-Trump rallies and riots.
Via Free Republic and Reddit:

Stan Taylor is the one who posted the ad on Craigslist. He is listed in the staff directory on the Washington CAN! website. He is the office administrator.

This is proof that Soros money is funding the violent organized anti-Trump protests across America.

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