Nearly 1,000 Turned Away From Packed Mike Pence Rally in Cocoa, FL

UPDATE: Nearly 1,000 supporters were shut out of the Pence rally in Cocoa, Florida Monday. Stunned organizers had made no plans for the over 800 people who could not get in the filled-to-capacity Space Coast Convention Center. 900 supporters made it inside for the rally according to a local Republican official who spoke to The Gateway Pundit after the rally, but there was no overflow audio or video as there was no apparent indication that Pence would outdraw the venue. Pence was scheduled to hold rallies later in the day in the towns of Maitland and Clearwater in Florida’s all important I-4 Corridor.


“Went to see @mike_pence in #Cocoa today. I, & hundreds others, didn’t get in! Way to show support for #TrumpPence2016”

Video of fire marshal turning people away even after hundreds left without getting in.


“🚨Breaking🚨🚂🇺🇸 TrumpStreetTeamFL 🇺🇸🚂💥 Sold Out💥 Mike Pence Rally Cocoa FL #HillaryForPrision Cocoa, FL @ChatRevolve

Republican vice presidential nominee Indiana Governor Mike Pence is campaigning in Central Florida Monday with three rallies schedule–the first one set for noon in Cocoa at the Space Coast Convention Center. The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor is on scene and will be adding to this report as the rally goes on.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) spoke. His district includes the Johnson Space Center so he is working with Rep. Bill Posey whose district includes Florida’s Space Coast. Posey, one of the great conservatives in Congress, is scheduled to introduce Gov. Pence.

As the noon hour arrived the room was almost full with room for just a few more.

Gov. Pence does not get his own rally playlist, so the pre-rally music is the same Elton John, Rolling Stones, etc., songs played at the Donald Trump rallies. UPDATE: Post-rally music has several different songs, more country, so Pence does get some say in the playlist!

“Long line for Gov Mike Pence rally in Cocoa FL. First of three in Central Florida Monday @gatewaypundit”

“Room filling up at Space Coast Convention Center for Gov Mike Pence rally in Cocoa FL @gatewaypundit”

“Media riser for Gov Mike Pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Halloween treats await traveling press for Gov Mike Pence rally in Cocoa FL @gatewaypundit”

“More Halloween treats for traveling press at Gov Mike Pence rally in Cocoa FL @gatewaypundit”

“Rep Brian Babin speaks at Gov Mike Pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“@MyNews13 reporter Greg Pallone live report from Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Traveling press arrived and setting up for Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Local media also got Halloween treats at Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Room filling up for Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally. Only one USSS checkpoint slowing entry. @gatewaypundit”

“Trump Pence supporters at Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Gov @mike_pence being introduced by Rep Bill Posey and former Rep Dave Weldon at Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Gov @mike_pence speaks at Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Trump Pence supporter holds Drain the Swamp sign at Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally.”

“View of full hall from back of media riser at Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Crowd cheers Gov @mike_pence Cocoa FL rally @gatewaypundit”

“Gov @mike_pence greets supporters after Cocoa FL rally. @gatewaypundit”

For the record I did not witness any abusive behavior by rally attendees toward the press, even when the media was called out during speeches. There was one round of “CNN sucks!” chants and some loud booing.

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