PHOTO OF THE DAY=> Milo and Ann Coulter Doing Border Wall Construction

Breitbart launched their “Border Wall Construction Co.” T-shirt line on Monday.

They chose Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter as models.

For the record – Ann Coulter and Milo are HUUGE Trump and civilization fans.
Ann offered Donald Trump sage advice on his VP pick in her column last week – Let’s hope the Trump Camp handed out copies.


Milo broke the fashion news this morning.
Via Breitbart:

Last weekend at church I confessed my sin of personal vanity. I know what you’re thinking! How could someone as humble and self-effacing as your (fabulous, beautiful, and wonderful in every way) correspondent be vain?

Anyhow, the priest — who, I must say, looked suspiciously like Breitbart executive Jon Kahn — gave me the penance of being a “team player,” whatever that is.

It turns out being a team player means launching Breitbart’s very first limited edition t-shirt: The Breitbart Border Wall Construction Co.

I was initially planning to resign from the company in protest, perhaps after claiming that our Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow had put me in hospital by lightly brushing my arm (or worse, bruising my ego). But then Breitbart asked me to model for them with my buddy Ann Coulter — and said I could keep the clothes.

I couldn’t possibly leave a company with such impeccable taste and judgment, so I agreed.

When you have time– Here is Milo’s interview with Ann Coulter on his weekly podcast — This is wonderful.

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