BOOM! Hoaxer Michelle Fields Gets Called to the Carpet on Her Many Lies – Walks Off Interview! (VIDEO)


Noted hoaxer Michelle Fields joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV on Tuesday to discuss Corey Lewandowski’s recent firing and her new book she’s pushing “Barons of the Beltway.”

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In March Michelle Fields wrongly accused Lewandowski of assault and battery for glancing by her at a campaign event. Video later proved Fields made up the entire “assault” and her case was tossed out of court.

Fields has yet to apologize to Lewandowski or the Trump campaign.

Steve went after Michelle Fields over her hoax assault charges.

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This was AMAZING television!
Fields was not ready for a real interview and not a typical fluff interview she was used to from Megyn Kelly and the liberal media.

Steve Malzberg: Let me ask you this. You don’t want to see him lose his job or his income yet you tried to put him in jail for grabbing your arm?

Michelle Fields: No, I didn’t try to put him in jail. Well, the reason I went to the police was because there was a lot of misinformation. And the Trump campaign, of course, was denying that it happened. Corey said I was delusional. That he never touched my arm. There were conspiracies that there were no bruises that the whole thing was just a big hoax (it was). So the reason I went to police was to get someone who was an outsider who was objective to look at the information and kind of get the videos of what happened. Get the pictures of my arm. And when I spoke to the prosecutor I said, “Look I don’t want to go to court. All I want is an apology.” We agreed to that beforehand…

Malzberg: Wait, wait wait… The prosecutor conducted an investigation with the preconceived condition that there would be no court case? That the prosecutor would aim to get you an apology? That’s what you’re telling me?

Fields: Yeah, that’s not news. That is something I had spoken about before during the whole…

Steve Malzberg: I know you wanted an apology. But why would a prosecutor pay taxpayer’s money? What you’re saying is if a wife is beaten by her husband she doesn’t press charges I don’t think that she can say ‘Hey, go ahead with the investigation. I don’t want want anything to happen to him. I don’t want to go to court, but I want him to apologize.’ I don’t think it works that way. So who is the prosecutor that agreed to this?

Malzberg then dropped this line from her book…
malzberg michelle fields lies

Fields said that line wasn’t from her book.
Another lie.
The exact quote is in her book from special “A note to the reader” pages ix and x

Fields walked off the set.
She finally got called out!

This was terrific TV!
Bravo, Mr. Malzberg!

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