Writer For The New Republic Says Facebook Is RIGHT TO CENSOR CONSERVATIVES

Brian Beutler

Brian Beutler writes for the failing liberal journal “The New Republic” and believes Facebook should censor conservatives because, among other reasons, they’re climate change deniers.

Truth Revolt reported:

Leftist Fascist: Facebook Should Censor Conservatives

A New Republic columnist Brian Beutler may have just outed himself as a fascist, because he actually believes Facebook has a right to censor the free speech of conservatives.

In his most recent article “Facebook, the IRS, and the GOP’s Bullsh–t Feedback Loop,” Beutler explained that no real discrimination against free speech took place at Facebook, because they had a responsibility to decipher the “bullsh–t” and that meant censoring conservative news outlets, because, according to Beutler, conservative outlets promote climate change denial and a multitude of other counter-theory’s to the left’s own brand of “bullsh–t” that Beutler can’t seem to smell.

“The differences between mainstream and liberal political content on the one hand, and conservative content on the other, [are] critical,” wrote Beutler. “Facebook reviewers tasked with ‘disregard[ing] junk…hoaxes or subjects with insufficient sources’ are going to ensnare more climate-change denialism, more birther stories, more racist Breitbart agitprop than anything comparably dubious that comes out of the liberal internet. And those dubious stories will come not just from fringe sites or content farms, but from prestige outlets of the online right.”

Beutler, of course, believes conservatives just don’t have the facts, the good facts, the liberal facts. Facts like “white privilege.” Facts like “gender is fluid.” Facts like “fetuses aren’t human.” Facts like “the rape epidemic on college campuses.” Facts like “the Islamophobia epidemic.” Facts like “systemic racism.” Facts like “women earn less than men.” Facts like “a YouTube video caused the Benghazi attack.” Facts like “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Facts like “the Constitution is a living document.” Facts like “all the polar bears are disappearing.” Facts like “a new Ice Age is upon us” – or is that “the ice caps are melting”? Hard to keep all the climate changes straight.

But you get the point: conservative outlets simply deal in dubious stories, unlike credible leftist media like, say, MSNBC or Rolling Stone.

Scratch a progressive and you’ll find a totalitarian almost every time.



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