State Dept. Can’t Find Emails of Hillary Aide Who HANDLED HER EMAIL SERVER (VIDEO)

Hillary IT emails

Well, what a surprise. The State Department is strangely unable to locate the emails of the Hillary Clinton aide who handled her home brewed server. Isn’t that odd? It’s like Lois Lerner and the IRS all over again.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

State Department Says It Has No Emails From Clinton Aide

The State Department said on Monday that it has no emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal tech aide Bryan Pagliano, a department staffer who also maintained Clinton’s private email server.

Pagliano—who was paid by both Clinton and the State Department—was granted immunity by the FBI as part of its investigation into Clinton’s email server and has been cooperating with the agency.

Republicans have criticized the unusual hiring arrangement, and the Republican National Committee sued the State Department to disclose Pagliano’s emails. Although the IT aide was on the State Department payroll, officials said in a Monday court filing that they could not find any emails from him.

Watch a State Department spokeswoman struggle with questions:


Anyone with a brain in their head knows this is a cover-up of total corruption.


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