Self Flagellating Whites Repent With Reparation Promises

Uhuru Reparations

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement recently held its national conference in Florida. According to their website, they describe themselves as “an organization of white people created by and working directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party which leads the Uhuru Movement. The Uhuru Movement is organizing and uniting Africans around the world as one people struggling to liberate Africa and African people everywhere.”

At the conference, one of their leaders, Gazi Kodzo talks with guilty white cucks about why they owe reparations. It’s almost like a Saturday Night Live skit. Kodzo, who, apparently, is male, starts off the video by talking about “White Jesus” and “well trained male Saxons”, and he (?) says to (asks?) the line-up “Wutchyonameis”, which one can only presume is this person’s unique way of ascertaining what the subject’s name is.

The first person starts off by saying they owe reparations because “every freedom that I have and I’ve taken for granted my entire life has been made possible by wealth that my ancestors stole”, before Kodzo continues down the line. Apparently their greeting is to say “uhuru” to one another.


The others say they “have benefited from the wealth that was stolen from you, as have all my ancestors, the ones who owned slaves and the ones who did not. The Jews, the white Jews in Hungary, the fake Jews… The fake white Jews and “all white people owe reparations” because “as a white person, I sit on a pedestal of colonialism and slavery that built, not only the wealth of this country, but the whole European world. Therefore, all white people owe reparations and we’re coming to get it!”… “If you don’t give it, we’re comin’ to take it!”

They reach the conclusion that all the white people owe this person reparations NOW, yet none of them are seen opening their wallets to give Kodzo any money.

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