Rolling Stone Writer Who Hates Republicans Is CONCERNED ABOUT GOP’S FUTURE

Matt Taibbi

Isn’t it funny when liberals who hate Republicans and would never vote Republican in their entire life suddenly pretend to be concerned about the future of the Republican Party?

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine in a Bernie Sanders supporter who adores Elizabeth Warren, so you know where he stands politically, yet he’s worried about the GOP:

R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party

As anyone who’s ever been to high school knows, there’s no answer to “You suck!” When a bully pulls that line on you, it’s because he can smell the weakness: the Jonas Brothers album in your closet, your good grades, your mantleful of band-camp participation trophies, whatever. When the mob smells unorthodoxy, there’s no talking your way out of it. You just have to hold on for dear life.

Trump has turned the new Republican Party into high school. It will be cruel, clique-y and ruled by insult kings like himself and Ann Coulter, whose headline description of Cruz (“Tracy Flick With a Dick”) will always resonate with Trump voters more than a thousand George Will columns.

And anyone who crosses the leader from now on will be fair game for the kind of brutal fragging Cruz and his circle experienced in Indiana. Dissenters will be buried under a cannonade of abuse coming from everywhere: Trump, other politicians, reporters, Internet memers, 12-year-olds, everyone. Add tough economic times to the Internet, and this is what you get: Nationalist High.

Indiana was the end of an era. As Fiorina moved through a pancake house on primary morning, her supporters meekly bowed and curtseyed as though she were the Queen Mother, calling her ma’am and showing off the small-town civility and churchy hospitality that was once a defining characteristic of Republican campaign-trail events. In the Trump era, this seems likely to be replaced forever by the testosterone-fueled diss-fests that had undone Cruz in this state.

If Taibbi hates Republicans, which he does, shouldn’t he be happy about the party’s death?

Liberals will always tell you which candidate they fear.

In Taibbi’s case, it’s safe to assume he’s afraid Trump can win.



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