Watch Steven Crowder Explain Why Democratic Socialism DOESN’T WORK (VIDEO)

Crowder on Socialism

Conservative humorist and commentator Steven Crowder has put out a new video in which he explains why Democratic Socialism, like all other forms of Socialism, doesn’t work.

Drawing on real examples of what Democratic Socialists believe, Crowder breaks the subject down in ways almost anyone can grasp.

Here’s a snippet from his website:


Debunking the Myth of ‘Democratic’ Socialism

Here’s how you know people generally disfavor socialism. Proponents of socialism take a parent to child approach by wrapping a distasteful thing (socialism) inside something seen as more palatable (democracy). Voila, cheese covered broccoli. Except Democratic Socialism is still socialism, with all the trappings and pitfalls of a miserable population, a crap economy, and a huge gap between rich and poor. Also, spoiler alert: the USA is a REPUBLIC. Stop saying we’re a democracy already. I explain in detail below.

Watch the video:

Now if we could just get the Sandernistas to listen.


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