VIDEO=> Watch Sean Hannity Mock Michelle Fields and Her Fake Assault Charges

Sean Hannity watched the Michelle Fields-Corey Lewandowski video and never bought her story.

Michelle Fields claimed she was assaulted after Corey brushed by her at Donald Trump’s victory speech in Jupiter, Florida.

However, video showed Michelle Fields did not flinch, her facial expression never changed after Corey brushed by her when the event was over.


Earlier this month Michelle Fields lashed out at Sean Hannity for not joining her in her exaggerated story.

Hannity responded by pointing out the obvious – That Fields “exaggerated” the brush-up.

On Thursday a Florida State’s Attorney dropped the bogus charges against Trump’s Campaign Manager.

Tonight mocked Michelle Fields after his interview with Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski.

“By the way, Monica touched me inadvertently in the Green Room ealier and I’m going to make charges.”

Via Hannity:

Here is the family Michelle Fields was trying to destroy–

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