WOW! Hoaxer Michelle Fields LASHES OUT at Hannity After he Won’t Endorse Her Lewandowski Lies

Crazed hoaxer Michelle Fields is furious at Sean Hannity for not endorsing her outrageous lie and attacks on Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager.
corey fields

Michelle Fields claimed she was assaulted after Corey brushed by her at Donald Trump’s victory speech in Jupiter, Florida.

The video shows Michelle Fields did not flinch, her facial expression never changed after Corey brushed by her when the event was over.


Now Michelle Fields is lashing out at Sean Hannity for not joining her in this hoax.

Fields wasn’t done yet.

Hannity then pointed out the obvious – That Fields lied about the brush-up.

Twitchy, the Cruz camp, the 16 angry anti-Trump Cruz women, National Review, Megyn Kelly, etc. continue to push this outrageous lie against Corey Lewandowski.

Like typical leftists, they are hoping these bogus charges damage the Trump campaign. They could not care less that it is a complete hoax or that an innocent man’s life may be destroyed. These pundits have dug themselves into a deep hole by supporting this disgusting hoax. This won’t be soon forgotten.

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