Socialist Politician From Seattle Urges Bernie To RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT

Kshama Sawant and Bernie

Kshama Sawant is an openly socialist member of Seattle’s city council. She wants Bernie Sanders to run as an independent if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.

What a great idea!

The Socialist Alternative blog reports:

Kshama Sawant: Why I’m Petitioning Bernie to Run Independent

I’m launching a petition calling on Bernie to run independent and launch a new party. Here’s why.

Despite all the obstacles of thrown in the path of Bernie Sanders by the corrupted American electoral system, his campaign has made an enormous impact. Sanders has become a lightening rod for the enormous discontent at the billionaire class and its domination over the political system. His campaign has shown the widespread support for breaking up Wall Street, free higher education, a $15/hr minimum wage, single payer healthcare, major public investment in renewable energy, and reforming a broken criminal justice system.

Bernie has conclusively demonstrated that it is possible to raise the resources needed to run a strong political campaign without begging billionaires for donations. By running on an unapologetically anti-corporate, pro-worker platform Bernie has inspired millions of working people to donate to a campaign that actually represents them.

In March alone Bernie raised a $44 million, his largest monthly haul yet, beating Clinton for a third straight month – all without accepting corporate donations. He has received 6.5 million individual contributions from 2 million donors, averaging just $27 apiece.

Do it, Bernie.

Run third party.



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