No politician in recent memory has enjoyed more adulation from the press than Obama. They worship him. Yet he complains that they pick on him. Unbelievable.

Truth Revolt reports:

Obama Complains He is ‘Picked on by the Press’

While speaking with a group of college journalists on Thursday, President Obama complained about being “picked on” by the media.

Along with right-hand flak Josh Earnest, Obama talked about the “pokes and prods” he suffered from the press.

“Sometimes both Josh and I probably have our disagreements with the press corps and feel picked on and misunderstood,” Obama said, according to Politico.

“But the truth of the matter is, and I’ve said this before, what separates us out in part from a lot of other countries in the world is, we’ve got this incredible free press that pokes and prods and calls into account our leaders.”

The president also complained about how hard it is to get “good” stories placed.

“It is very hard to get good stories placed,” he told the journalists.

“People will assign you stories about what’s not working. It’s very hard for you to write a story about, ‘Wow, this thing really works good.’”

He also suggest the media needs to help make people less cynical.

Maybe people would be less cynical if the press didn’t act like his fan club.

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