GOP RACE: Trump Needs 56% of Remaining Delegates, Cruz Needs 81% – An Impossibility

Senator Ted Cruz won Wisconsin last night but that does not change the course of the 2016 GOP primary.

Based on current delegate counts and poll numbers Ted Cruz will be mathematically unable to reach the delegate count required for him to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

Donald Trump still leads Cruz by over 200 delegates.
cruz delegates trump

Donald Trump now needs to win 56% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination outright.
Trump is expected to do very well in the upcoming eastern primaries.

Ted Cruz needs 81% of remaining delegates to win the nomination.
This is impossible. He will lose heavily in the upcoming contests.

As we reported earlier Ted Cruz will be knocked out on April 26.

By the end April it will be clear that Ted Cruz has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination.

cruz chart 1

Based on current numbers, come April 26th, Cruz will need 640 delegates to win the election but only 621 will be available.

That’s why the Cruz camp is relying heavily on stealing Trump delegates. It’s the only wait they can win – by cheating.

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