CONFIRMED: Cruz Camp Stealing Trump Delegates from States Trump Won (VIDEO)

Townhall reporter Guy Benson today admitted the Cruz campaign is stealing Trump delegates in states that Trump won.

cruz car trump

The Ted Cruz campaign is running Cruz supporters as Trump delegates in states that Trump won. That way they can steal the nomination from Trump in Cleveland although they’ve only won a fraction of the states Trump has won.

Guy Benson: This has been percolating for several months. He has a very sharp legal team that know the rules inside and out in a way the Trump campaign clearly does not. It’s not just Louisiana. And it’s not just finagling to just get Rubio delegates or unbound delegates. What they’re also doing is getting people elected as Trump delegates who are not, in fact, Trump loyalists. So they would be bound to Donald Trump on the first ballot only. After which, although they are technically Trump delegates, they’ve been sort of put in place to jump.

And these are the same people who call Trump supporters ‘morons’ one day and beg them to support Ted Cruz the next.


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