FAIL: Liberal Students Walk Out on Ben Shapiro ONLY TO HAVE THEIR SEATS REFILLED (VIDEO)

Ben Shapiro UNC

Liberal students at the University of North Carolina thought they were being so clever by staging a walkout on Ben Shapiro who was there to give a speech but it backfired.

Not only did people applaud when they left but their seats were immediately filled by people who wanted to hear the speech.

Campus Reform reported:


VIDEO: Leftist students stage walkout, protest UNC Ben Shapiro lecture

A staged walkout by liberal students during a Ben Shapiro lecture at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill backfired Wednesday, with other students eagerly rushing in to fill the vacated seats.

Shapiro started his speech, titled “The Left’s Obsession with Race,” by asking audience members with differing views to stay for the duration of the speech, and not walk out or attempt to shout him down.

“Walking out just demonstrates close-mindedness and shouting down just demonstrates ideological fascism,” he told them.

The campus Black Student Movement had already made it known they planned to do just that, and numerous protesters dressed in black BSM shirts dutifully walked out of the lecture hall in unison once Shapiro began his speech.

Watch the video:

Progressives are so open minded, aren’t they?


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