College Professor’s Presentation: Imagine a World WITHOUT WHITENESS (VIDEO)

vlcsnap-2016-04-05-16h35m53s75In the continuing saga of “whiteness history month” at Portland Community College, history and humanities professor James Harrison gave a presentation entitled “Imagine A World Without Whiteness”.

Parts of his presentation included passages where he channeled John Lennon’s “Imagine” and said “Imagine everyone living together in peace, a world without conflict…It would be a world without whiteness”

He went on to say that even poor white people have PRIVILEGE. (Note that this guy is a professor at a public institution, probably hauling in a six figure salary, wearing nice suits, probably drives a BMW. Oh the oppression!)


And even though PCC officials have been stressing that these events have nothing to do with race, Professor Harrison goes on to start talking about racial demographics, and says “whiteness is on the retreat”.

And in typical modern academia fashion, he, of course, blames capitalism for “whiteness”.

So even though “whiteness” is supposedly a bad thing, he goes on to say that black folks shouldn’t mock other blacks who are “acting white”.

Yet we also need to “oppose” and “dismantle whiteness”, while promoting multiculturalism and anti-racism in the education system.

You can reach PCC president Sylvia Kelley at 971 722 4667.

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