Bill Clinton Blames Voter Anger ON MILLENNIALS

Bill Clinton PT

Hillary Clinton is already struggling to gain the support of younger voters who back Sanders by a wide margin and this won’t help one bit. It’s almost like Bill doesn’t want her to win.

Fortune reports:

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Voters’ Anger

Bill Clinton seems to think he knows why voters are so angry.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the former president speculated as to why voters are so angry during this election cycle. “The reason that there’s so much anxiety, intensity, anger, blame in this election is that 80% of the American people have not gotten a pay raise since the crash eight years ago, after inflation,” Clinton told the crowd.

He praised President Obama for bringing back jobs during his two terms, the Huffington Post reports, saying “we got our jobs back in seven and a half years,” but he blamed millennials for income not being where it should be.

“If all the young people who claim to be disillusioned now had voted in 2010,” Clinton said, “we wouldn’t have lost the Congress, and we’d probably have our incomes back.”

He thinks that if millennials had voted during midterm elections six years ago, Americans would be in a much better place financially than they are now.

Laying blame on people is an extraordinarily bad way to rally them to your cause.


Word of Bill’s remarks is going to get around.


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