Anti-War Movement Missing As Obama Sends MORE TROOPS TO IRAQ

Obama Iraq

Obama is supposedly sending more troops and helicopters to Iraq but this can’t be right because the left and the media (same difference) claim Obama ended the Iraq War.

PJ Media reports:

President Peace Prize to Send More Troops and Apache Helicopters to Iraq

Via the Associated Press:

The U.S. has agreed to deploy more than 200 additional troops to Iraq and to send eight Apache helicopters for the first time into the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq, the first major increase in U.S. forces in nearly a year, U.S. defense officials said Monday.
The uptick in American fighting forces – and the decision to put them closer to the front lines – is designed to help Iraqi forces as they move to retake the key northern city of Mosul.

Speaking to reporters Monday in Baghdad, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the decision to move U.S. advisers to the Iraqi brigade and battalion level will put them “closer to the action,” but he said they will have security forces with them and the U.S. will do what’s needed to reduce the risks.

So that’s how this works. President Obama makes a big deal out of “ending” the war in Iraq, receives adulation from the great unwashed for doing so, and then gets a pass on slowly re-upping the American military presence there.

Where’s the anti-war movement? Where’s Code Pink?


Where’s the lying media that called George W. Bush a war mongering liar for eight years?

Rest assured, they’ll be back minutes after the next president is sworn in if a Republican wins.


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