WOW! Self-Righteous Female #Cruz Supporters Write Letter – Demand Trump Fire Lewandowski Over Assault Hoax

WOW! A new low for the #NeverTrump Cruz gang….


A group of self-righteous Ted Cruz supporters released a prepared statement today demanding Donald Trump fire Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski for the media hoax that he assaulted Michelle Fields by walking past her at a Trump event in Jupiter, Florida.


Lewandowski was charged with “battery” for bumping into

FOR THE RECORD —- THESE SAME SELF-RIGHTEOUS WOMEN — Were going to release this letter after the alleged “assault” two weeks ago but held back after video was released that showed nothing happened.

The group of “guilty until proven innocent” are led by Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich and Meghan McCain.

These so-called “conservatives” do not believe a person is innocent until proven guilty.
They’re going for it!
They also don’t believe in their own lyin’ eyes that shows NOTHING HAPPENED!

But, hey… It’s what Ted Cruz wants.
Here’s the letter.
corey letter cruzers

And here’s a list that shows who these women support.
Via Brett MacDonald:
For the most part they are part of the #NeverTrump crowd.
cruz trump corey gals

Of course, CNN does not report these women are Cruz supporters.

UPDATE: Dana Loesch is a Cruz supporter but not a member of the NeverTrump crowd. She is a friend.
I don’t condone threats against any of these women or any #NeverTrump media leader.

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