White Student Attacked For Having Dreadlocks SPEAKS OUT (VIDEO)

Dreadlocks Student

The white San Francisco State student who was recently accosted by a fellow black student for wearing his hair in dreadlocks is speaking out.

He apparently believes there is such a thing as cultural appropriation but he doesn’t think it applied in this case.

The New York Daily News reports:


White college student confronted over hair says dreadlocks don’t belong to the ‘colored community’s culture’

The white college student who argued with his black classmate about his hair said Wednesday that dreadlocks don’t belong to the “colored community’s culture.”

San Francisco State University student Cory Goldstein, 22, called Bonita Tindle a “b—h” just before the 46-second exchange captured on viral video Monday afternoon, according to a witness account cited by the Golden Gate Xpress, the school’s student newspaper.

Tindle could be heard in the video responding by telling Goldstein he can’t wear dreads “because it’s my culture.” Yet Goldstein, an environmental science major, told the Xpress he didn’t commit cultural appropriation because Vikings, Egyptians and even some people in the Victorian era had dreads.

“It’s not even a part of the, like, colored community’s culture, like it may be ingrained in it but it’s ingrained in so many cultures other than that,” Goldstein said. “It’s everywhere. It’s not something that is just part of the colored community.”

Watch the video:

It’s probably now safe to say this was a left on left attack, which isn’t surprising at all.


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