OH GREAT: The University of Washington Used TAX DOLLARS TO BUY SNUGGIES


Government waste runs deep in the Obama administration and frankly, the Republicans allow it to happen way too often.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

The University of Washington used federal grant funding to buy thousands of dollars worth of custom embroidered Snuggies.

Taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation grants were used to purchase Snuggies, pottery, and a trip to Hawaii. The agency’s inspector general audited the University of Washington and found millions in unallowable salary costs, and numerous examples of “unreasonable transactions” from funds intended for scientific research.

The audit, released last month, identified $8,821 charged to five separate grants on unallowable promotional items and gifts, including personalized Snuggie blankets.

The wasteful expenditures included $3,920 on canvas bags, mini optical computer mice, and custom Snuggies, as well as $1,179 for the “purchase of embroidered Snuggies.”

When can we start defunding these corrupt universities that are constantly wasting tax dollars?

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