MSNBC Host Blames FOUNDING FATHER SNOBS For Our Primary Process (VIDEO)

joy reid

MSNBC employs such lovely people who really care about the country, so much that they think the Founding Fathers were nothing but snobs.

Newsbusters reports:

On Monday’s All In, MSNBC’s Joy Reid oddly asserted that “what could end up saving the Republican Party” from a Donald Trump nomination is “the snobbery of the Founding Fathers and the early proponents of the system, because the popular votedoesn’t choose the nominee. It’s chosen at the state conventions. It’s chosen by party insiders.” Reid might have been thinking of the Electoral College system, where the voters in each state choose electors, who then vote for a specific nominee for president. [video below]

Host Chris Hayes turned to Reid and Buzzfeed News’s McKay Coppins for their take on the upcoming primaries on Tuesday. Hayes cited how American Prospect’s Sam Wong claimed that “[Marco] Rubio drops out and [John] Kasich stays in may be Trump’s best option…counterintuitively, it is worse for Trump to win Ohio, since that would likely cause Kasich to withdraw. In that scenario, Trump would be left in a one-on-one match with Cruz.”

Oh yes, don’t blame the Democrats, blame the country’s founders!

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