Clerk Who Shot Violent Robber NOW CHARGED WITH MURDER TWO

97ef01e9-b7c2-4b2e-9656-b81e432268a0-large16x9_160328_spanaway_clerk_05_1200The mini mart clerk who shot a robber over the weekend has now been charged with Second Degree Murder and booked into jail by Pierce County Sheriff Deputies.

The altercation took place at the Pacific Quickmart in Spanaway, Washington, just south of Tacoma. Min Sik Kim was working that night, and witnesses say 3 men were drinking alcohol outside, then went into the store and started shoplifting items. One of the men decided to go for the cash register and began wrestling with Kim.

KOMO News reports:


But in an exclusive interview with KOMO News, Kim said the shooting was in self-defense.

Kim says the confrontation unfolded when one of the suspects, who had been shoplifting and harassing customers, went to the cash register. Kim says he pulled out a gun, and at first it looked like the man would surrender. Instead he knocked Kim to the ground and grabbed for his gun, Kim said.

“It was going to be either me or him, and I don’t want to leave my family behind,” Kim said. So he pulled the trigger, killing the suspect, who stumbled and fell in the doorway, Kim said.

At that point, the second suspect immediately sat down and waited for police to arrive. He was not arrested and is cooperating with police during the investigation, Troyer said earlier.

Kim is the husband of the clerk who was shot by a robber just last month at the same store.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul A. Pastor can be reached by phone at (253) 798-7530.

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