Bill Maher Blasts Emory Anti-Trump Students: I WANT TO DROPKICK THESE KIDS (VIDEO)

Bill Maher Emory

Earlier this week, the delicate snowflake students of Emory University freaked out over pro-Trump messages that had been written on campus sidewalks with chalk.

The situation is so pathetic that even leftist Bill Maher, who’s not a Trump fan, was disgusted.

Mediaite reports:


Maher Blasts Emory Students ‘Triggered’ by Trump: I ‘Want to Dropkick These Kids’

Bill Maher tonight went off on the Emory University students who whined about feeling “triggered” by the mere appearance of Donald Trump‘s name in chalk on campus.

Maher rolled his eyes about how students went “apes**t,” read off their actual quotes, and said, “I so badly want to dropkick these kids into a place where there is actual pain and suffering. What happened in this country?!”

Reihan Salam said this is the direct result of how parenting changed in the 80s. Maher agreed, adding that “everything seems to take a backseat to their feelings… democracy they don’t give a s**t about, free speech doesn’t matter.”

Watch the video:

Things were so bad on campus this week that students were offered emergency counseling.

How are these people going to function in the real world?


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